The Roman era. Public buildings and necropolises - ARCHAELOGICAL EXCAVATIONS

Civil basilica and road

South of the forum can be seen a long stretch of an Aquileian street, the so-called decumanus of Aratria Galla, named after the townswoman who paid for it to be paved in the first half of the 1st century ad. The street bounds what little is left of the civil basilica along the short side of the forum. The large construction (90 x 29 m), used for judicial and other purposes, was built in the early part of Augustus’ rule but was radically altered at the end of the 2nd century ad, when two opposing apses were added. It had two entrances on the decumanus, while a monumental gate on the other side linked it to the forum arcades. A mighty defensive wall was built over it, re-using much of its old materials and sculptural features in the process, probably in the 6th century.

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