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Exhibitions, archaeological walks, sunset tours: all summer events of the Unesco site.

The long summer of Aquileia

Samantha De Martin - 19/07/2021
Thanks to the stars and the atmosphere between domus and vestiges of the Unesco site with its 2200 years of history, the summer of Aquileia explodes in a rich agenda of events that combine nature, music, cinema, art, in a setting that shines at the touch of sunsets and walks.

The art calendar, in the long Aquileian summer, accompanies us to Palazzo Meizlik, where, until 30 September, the exhibition "From Aquileia to Bethlehem: a mosaic of faith and beauty" - organized by the Aquileia Foundation and the Embassy of Palesina at the Holy See - enhances the bond of faith and beauty that unites the two World Heritage sites. The exhibition itinerary offers visitors the opportunity to grasp a connection with the reality of the first Aquileian basilica and with its role as an intermediary in pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Una veduta di Aquileia dall'alto | Courtesy Fondazione Aquileia

Archeology enthusiasts will instead meet on Tuesday 27 July, in Piazza Capitolo, where the twelfth edition of the Festival organized by the Aquileia Foundation in collaboration with Archeologia Viva, Florence Archeofilm together with the Municipality of Aquileia, Superintendence, Region Fvg will start, with the support of Solaris Yachts. Until August 3, for five evenings, illustrious science communicators will share the stage. The festival will be inaugurated by an evening-event of silent cinema and live music dedicated to the centenary of the Unknown Soldier with the screening of the film Gloria: Apotheosis of the Unknown Soldier and the participation of Paolo Mieli. The event will take place simultaneously on the two squares - Piazza Capitolo and Piazza Patriarcato - while on July 30, the special guest in live streaming will be Alberto Angela.

Complesso Basilicale di Aquileia | Foto: © Gianluca Baronchelli

The summer of Aquileia will also be music for the ears, thanks to the concert review - organized by the Society for the Conservation of the Basilica of Aquileia - which, from Saturday 3 July to Thursday 16 September, will envelop the extraordinary setting of the basilica with notes.

Those wishing to delight the eyes through stories and curiosities from the domus, the new summer offer of guided tours proposed by PromoTurismoFvg offers a series of evening walks to the domus of Tito Macro (6 and 13 July, 10 and 24 August, 7 and 17 September) and guided tours (every Saturday and Sunday) to discover this 1st century mansion which extends over 1700 square meters, rebuilt in such a way as to allude to the volumes of the ancient domus.

Domus di Tito Macro, Aquileia

Theatrical visits will reveal life and habits in ancient Aquileia (27 June, 4 and 25 July, 1 and 29 August, 5 and 26 September), while families are invited to an archaeological safari with a traveling workshop from 4 July to 27 August , with the possibility of sailing, thanks to day cruises, from Lignano to Aquileia (from 10 June to 25 September).

From archeology to the glass, with the flavors of local wines enhanced thanks to Calici di Stelle, an initiative organized on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 August by the Consorzio DOC Friuli Aquileia and the DOC-FVG Consortium. To breathe the magic of the night in the archaeological area of ​​the Cal fund, perhaps complete with dinner on the lawn, just wait for the "Pic-nic and ... to see the stars again" on August 14 and 29 organized by the Pro Loco Aquileia.

Visiting the Roman city this summer will also be an opportunity to appreciate the latest news relating to the rearrangement of the National Archaeological Museum - with its summer program of extraordinary openings and concerts - and the reopening of the crypt of the excavations inside the Basilica.

Il Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Aquileia | Foto: ©  Alessandra Chemollo

Finally, the FVGcard Aquileia (duration 24 hours, at a cost of 15 euros for an adult + 1 child up to 12 years) allows you to discover shops - the treasures of the city by purchasing a single ticket.

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