mercoledì 6 dicembre 2023

Aquileia Film Festival 2016

Un'immagine dell'Aquileia Film Festival dello scorso anno, Piazza Capitolo, Aquileia | Foto: © Gianluca Baronchelli

A journey to Luxor including mummies, tombs and hieroglyphics, the mysteries of the giant dome of Saint Sophia in Istanbul, the enigma of the city of Petra, the secrets of one of the largest naval battles in the Baltic and an investigative journey into the world of commerce antiquities: these are the themes of the films in competition at the seventh edition dell'Aquileia film Festival, organized by the Aquileia Foundation in collaboration with the International Festival of archaeological film of Rovereto and Archeologia Viva, which opens Wednesday, July 27. And also meetings with researchers and great science communicators - the historian and essayist Franco Cardini, Professor. Carlo Cereti, cultural representative of the Italian Embassy in Tehran and the archaeologist, writer and tv host Valerio Massimo Manfredi are the stars of this year - and great space to books thanks to the participation of the publishing house Arbor Sapientiae specialized in historic-archaeological area.

The 27-28-29 July from 9pm will be shown in piazza Capitolo, in front of the majestic basilica of the patriarchs, five documentaries selected from among the masterpieces of international production themed archaeological, historical, ethnological. Once again the public will be the unique judge of the films in competition, all dubbed in Italian, and will decide with their vote the winner of the Prize Aquileia, a prized mosaic created by the Mosaic School of Friuli. In the interval between the films, with the successful formula of the previous years, they will find space on the "low wall" in front of the baptistery the conversations - interview by Piero Pruneti, director of Archeologia Viva, with researchers, writers and great science communicators to let the audience discover the beauty of knowledge with a simple and captivating language.

Franco Cardini, historian, essayist and great Islam and Middle East expert will present his latest book "Islam is a threat (False!)" And "The hypocrisy of the West. The Caliph, the terror and the history" that address the most topical issues with which we are all called to confront.

With Professor Carlo Giovanni Cereti, cultural attachè of the Embassy of Italy in Tehran inspired the exhibition "Lions and bulls from ancient Persia to Aquileia" staged at the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia, we trace a picture of Iran today and a culture that has had many contacts with the Western world.

The final evening Valerio Massimo Manfredi, writer, television host and author of novels translated all over the world, including the famous trilogy "Aléxandros" published by Mondadori, he will revive to us, through his words, the most important pages of history.

The entrance to the exhibition is free and, in case of rain, the screenings will take place in the Roman Room overlooking the piazza Capitolo (capacity 240 seats: seat assignments with pick number from 7pm at the entrance of the Roman Room).

For information and updates on films in competition, on the guests of the three evenings and side events, please visit the website, the facebook page of the Aquileia Foundation and join the mailing-list.


Data: from 27 July 2016 to 29 July 2016
Luogo: Piazza Capitolo
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