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AQUILEIA FILM FESTIVAL 2023: Grace's Ring & Jurassic Cash

Free admission, reservations required:

Grace's ring
Country: Italy
Director: Dario Prosperini | Duration: 66′
Year: 2022 | Production: Dario Prosperini Scientific consultant: Valentino Nizzo, Adriana Emiliozzi | Italian language

It was 1902 when the Vannozzi family decided to expand their farmhouse near Monteleone di Spoleto. That construction site at over 1000 meters above sea level brought to light the "golden chariot", an Etruscan chariot unique in the world on which the complete life cycle of the Homeric hero Achilles was depicted. But as soon as the find was discovered it mysteriously disappeared into oblivion. The investigations of the carabinieri, prefects and senior officials of the Ministry were useless: the chariot reappeared in 1903 in a case in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Conversation with Valentino Nizzo, director of the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia. Curated by Piero Pruneti, Director of Archeologia Viva.

Jurassic Cash
Country: France | Director: Xavier Lefebvre | Duration: 52'
Year: 2022 | Production: Marie Mouchet, Gedeon Programs | Italian language

Some people collect art, others dinosaurs. A controversial hobby and, above all, a form of speculation that can lead to a lawless "bone race". Paleontologists and museums around the world, already deprived of their study subjects, are sometimes forced to solicit these new patrons... Jurassic Cash is a documentary about the new business of dinosaur fossils... in the footsteps of our past.


Data: from 02 August 2023 to 02 August 2023
Luogo: Aquileia Film Festival 2023
Indirizzo: Aquileia - Piazza Capitolo
Sito ufficiale:
Orario: 21
Ingresso: ingresso gratuito, prenotazione obbligatoria