sabato 28 gennaio 2023

Massimo Siragusa. Shared Space

Massimo Siragusa. Lo spazio condiviso
The Shared Space, and literally - a representation of the country seen from the inside.
The subtitle, Italy told by clubs, he says it clearly: the photographic itinerary which Massimo Siragusa has reached over 40 venues for different kind, and scattered in almost every corner of the peninsula, is a portrait of the various ways 'Italy itself.
The path Siragusa in 50 photographs of various size, counts among its stages the Circolo dei Pescatori of Acitrezza and the Yacht Club of Genoa, the Book Club of Parma and the Circle of dopolavoro rail Syracuse. And then Arci, conversation circles, associations of Catholic inspiration, military, sports.
The trip to the Italian photographer through rigidly exclusive spaces and places more prone to inclusion: the one and the other designed however as space identity of the passion, common dwellings of belonging shared testifying the need ancient, historically masculine, to come together as a group. Some of them still in the associative life is reserved only for men.


Data: from 11 July 2015 to 30 August 2015
Luogo: Palazzo Tadea
A cura di: Massimo Siragusa
Indirizzo: Spilimbergo - piazza Castello
Telefono: +39 0427 91453
Sito ufficiale:
Orario: Giovedì e venerdì 16-20. Sabato e domenica 10.30-12.30 / 16-20
Ingresso: Ingresso € 2

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