domenica 29 gennaio 2023

Prague's FAMU Students

Lukas Brlik-Martin Netocny - Portrét
Since 1985 this is the third exhibition in Italy on photography for students of FAMU, the school has trained hundreds of photographers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and has had a strong impact on photography in other countries: Finland, Poland, the Slavic countries Adriatic and the Balkans. The Department of Photography of FAMU is one of the oldest in Europe and remains a cultural landmark and aesthetic for the Czech national culture and that of other countries.

For the occasion of the photography department of FAMU exposes the individual works of the students of all courses of individual teachers. The photographic themes are the same as previous generations, especially the human figure, the space and its interpretation, but are undoubtedly faced with another generational attitude, although not always with other photographic techniques. The main theme of the Czech photography, running through all the generations of photographers, remains: the attention to the aesthetic aspect of the language of photography tended to portray the ethical aspirations of the individual. Some pictures of the students are a reflection on the individual condition, but others are a record of the float of aesthetic form and its concept that brings them closer to the work of conceptual artists.


Data: from 12 July 2015 to 30 August 2015
Luogo: Villa Ciani
A cura di: Robert Silverio, Martin Stecker
Indirizzo: Sequals - via Friuli, Lestans
Telefono: +39 0427 91461
Sito ufficiale:
Orario: Giovedì e venerdì 16-20. Sabato e domenica 10.30-12.30 / 16-20
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