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TEMPORA - Historical Re-enactment

Aquielia, Tempora Aquileia 2014.
In an original historical re-enactment 500 Celtic and Roman re-enactors will recreate the atmosphere of the origins of the city: a trip backwards in time to discover the history, tradition and legend of II century BC Aquileia.
Walking around the old town and the arechaeological sites of the city, you will bump into a Roman legionary going about his daily activities or even a Celt warrior amidst the remedies and flavours of the ancient market, or join in the cheering atmosphere of the gladiatorial arena and finally be carried away in the pleasant entertainment of music and dances that celebrate the festive rituals and libations... three days during which celebrate the life and splendour of ancient Aquileia at the time of her foundation.
And while the act of foundation of Aquileia will be re-enacted with its "Rite of the Sulcus Primigenius" (a plough driven by two powerful oxen led by the founder of the city marks the land where the future city walls are to be erected, and the Consuls then dig the furrows), and the "Symposium", banquet prepared for the new colonists, on the military encampment there will be scenes of the daily life and the trials of the Roman legion deserters.
The gladiatorial arena will be the stage of several strong physical performances, such as the "Harpastum Tournament" - a sport, that vaguely resembled today's rugby, though pratically featured next to no rules, organised for the army troops to keep them fit - and the "Ludi Gladiatori", which were blood and sand challengers among gladiators.


Data: from 20 June 2014 to 22 June 2014
Luogo: Aquielia
Indirizzo: Aquileia - Area archeologica
Telefono: 334 6181963
Sito ufficiale:
Ingresso: Tutti gli spettacoli e le rappresentazioni sono a ingresso libero.

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