lunedì 30 gennaio 2023

Consecration of Bishop Hermagoras

Consacrazione del Vescovo Ermagora presso la Cripta degli Affreschi nella Basilica di Aquileia. Foto di © Gianluca Baronchelli
Inside the Basilica, in the crypt of the frescoes, the second episode of the saga describes the consecration of Bishop Hermagoras.

The latter, wrapped in a pallium, is blessed by St. Peter and receives the crosier from him. To his right, San Marco watches the scene and, in a certain sense, legitimizes its consecration.

In medieval sources, on whose reliability there are however some reservations, Hermagoras is actually remembered as the first bishop of Aquileia. In any case, the episode of its consecration by St. Peter, in the presence of St. Mark, gave Aquileian Christianity the noblest of genesis.