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Section III.3, the base of the statue in honor of Tito Annio Lusco

169 a.C. | La colonia viene rinforzata
Iscrizione di Tito Annio ritrovata presso il Foro, Area Archeologica di Aquileia, Courtesy of Museo archeologico nazionale di Aquileia | Foto: © Gianluca Baronchelli
The base of the statue in honor of Tito Annio Lusco was found in 1995 in the western part of the forum. It pays homage to one of the triumvirs who, in 169 BC, increased the population of Aquileia with another 1500 families.
As the inscription always recalls, Tito Annio Lusco assembled the corpus of laws and handed them over to the colony, and three times integrated the senate of the city.
The republican forum consisted of an elongated square, paved with bricks, overlooked by the buildings destined for the political, economic and religious life of the colony: the meeting, the food market (macellum) and the temple behind it. We only know of this first sacred building from the inscription placed on the base of the statue of the triumvir Titus Annius Luscus.

Work of art - National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia