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The events in the shadow of the Basilica

In Aquileia for the 94th Gathering of the Alpini

Mosaic floor of the Basilica of Aquileia | Photo: © Gianluca Baronchelli
Francesca Grego - 05/05/2023
A unique archaeological jewel in Europe, Aquileia has a modern face linked to the history of the Great War. We will have the opportunity to find out from 11 to 14 May, when nearby Udine will host the 94th National Alpini Gathering and also the city of the Patriarchate, a symbolic place in the history of Italy, will come alive thanks to a rich program of events: a opportunity to relive the emotions of the recent past and learn about the Roman and early Christian wonders of one of the most interesting archaeological areas of our peninsula.

The celebrations will already open on the morning of Sunday 7 May with the concert of the choral group "Voci per l'Adunata" in the double venue of the Basilica of Aquileia, one of the most evocative places in the city, and in the nearby Piazza Capitolo, to enjoy the music under the spring sun.The party will come alive the following weekend with the solemn ceremony on Thursday 11 May at the recently restored Heroes' Cemetery, which preserves the iconic Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers who fell on the Karst, and the historical-themed "Total" exhibition which will be inaugurated Friday 12 at Palazzo Meizlik, with the relics of Casa III Armata Redipuglia. Choral concerts and fanfares will be the soundtrack for the entire weekend, which will close on Sunday 14th in Udine with the great parade of the National Alpine Association.

Tomb of Unknown Soldiers, Aquileia | Photo: © Gianluca Baronchelli

For the occasion, special openings and guided tours will also enliven the vestiges of Roman Aquileia, inviting guests to a fascinating journey through time. On Saturday 13 May, for example, it will be possible to walk along the Decumanus of Aratria Galla in the light of sunset, between the main arteries of the ancient city, a paved ribbon surrounded by greenery that once connected the important River Port to the lively district of the Forum and of the theatre. To reveal its secrets will be Cristiano Tiussi, director of the Archaeological Area of Aquileia. Furthermore, as an extraordinary measure, the site will remain open until 10pm.

National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia, Courtesy of National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia | Photo: © Gianluca Baronchelli

For the Night of the Museums, the National Archaeological Museum will also extend the visiting hours: starting from 7 pm the cost of the ticket will be one euro per person and the public will be accompanied to discover the treasures of the collection in special guided tours. Recently renovated, the museum offers an unmissable perspective on the past of a border area, where the routes of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, Northern Europe and the East met, where the historical coexistence between peoples and civilizations has produced results culture and art of surprising refinement: mosaics, statues, portraits, inscriptions, jewels and curious objects, which in an engaging narrative itinerary tell the life of the ancient Roman colony.

Aquileia | Photo: © Gianluca Baronchelli


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