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Sea & Taste

Sea & Taste nella laguna di Grado
A sunset cruise in the Grado lagoon represents a unique opportunity to combine the wonder of art with the charm of nature. A journey through time guided by the flavors of tradition with an exclusive night tour of Aquileia.

The welcome on board by Captain Nico, amidst tales, music and sea traditions, enliven the navigation in the lagoon, among huts, fishing valleys and sandbanks. A special aperitif with the authentic tastes of the wines presented directly by the producers of the Wine and Flavors Route of Friuli Venezia Giulia followed by a fish dinner starring the most typical and famous dish of the Isola del Sole: boreto alla graisana.

The route continues with the arrival in Aquileia through an exclusive guided tour of the "Domus di Tito Macro", one of the largest residences of the Roman era among those found in Northern Italy, which with its 1700 square meters represents an unmissable unicum in Europe.


Data: from 01 June 2021 to 01 September 2021
Luogo: Grado e Aquileia
Indirizzo: Grado - Molo Torpediniere di Grado
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