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Stas Kleindienst. Electric Sky

Stas Kleindienst, Pastoral, 2016

Wednesday 18 January 2017: Electric Sky, solo show by the Slovenian painter Staš Kleindienst, curated by Matilde Tiriticco.

The eighteen artworks, created between 2014 and 2016, will be exhibited for the first time in Italy thanks to the support and patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Trieste.

Electric Sky, the title chose by the curator Matilde Tiriticco, takes inspiration by one of the paintings that will be exhibited - Elektricno nebo, 2015 – and emphasizes one of the two most important components of the Kleindienst’s work, meaning that the air perspective.

The works of Staš Kleindienst, in fact, are characterized by the pictorial quality and a plane's point of
view, that is impartial: as a magnifying glass, the Slovenian artist's painting shows the viewer human
follies with an ironic and cynical vein as part of a clear vision about contemporary politics. As maps of
humanity’s behavior, men are put under scrutiny for their actions consistent within capitalist and
individualistic logic, which coexist in harmony on the canvas despite their immense diversity.
The bright and cold colors that dominate the backgrounds in the subject, make it even more an abstract
and graphic work of investigation and uncovering of our habits: in his artistic practice, Staš Kleindienst
focuses on the social reality and the will to change by the point of view of power and the role of
government. To make visible and therefore viewable an alternative scenario to the current time, the
Slovenian artist creates paintings in which, more and more, imagination becomes the key and the
reading of a possible future: explosions, colors and irony distort reality in order to attract our attention
and encourage us to create participation of our contemporaneity.

The exhibition
Electric Sky also outlines how the first collaboration of Atelier Home Gallery with the first and most important Italian appointment with the cinema of Central and Eastern Europe, the Trieste Film Festival. It has been decided to promote a contemporary artist active in the artistic and cultural interest of the film festival. 


Data: from 18 january 2017 to 04 March 2017
Luogo: Atelier Home Gallery - Palazzo Panfili
A cura di: Matilde Tiriticco
Indirizzo: Trieste - via della Geppa 2
Telefono: +39 348 9278461

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