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22-23-24 September 2023 and the European Heritage Days

A long weekend discovering Aquileia

Paolo Mastazza - 20/09/2023
The weekend of 23 and 24 September 2023 promises to be full of events and opportunities, dedicated as usual to the European Heritage Days in Aquileia. The Friulian UNESCO site dedicates great energy to building an important schedule of events over this long weekend which has now become an appointment for thousands of visitors who come at the end of September to discover Aquileia and its wonders. Further details and the complete program of the days can be found on the website

This year the two-day event actually has an appendix, a prologue, on Friday 22 September 2023 where three extra activities are planned, to discover new declinations of the Aquileia territory, not only in the classic historical-artistic frame to which we are accustomed - that of the Roman and medieval archaeological site - but also with unexpected and new appointments. From 9.30 to 12.30 it will be possible to visit - upon reservation - a little-known industrial archeology site with the extraordinary opening of the Ca'Viola water pump, a complex built in 1932, still functioning in all its historical plant components.

Also on September 22nd it will be possible to discover from 4pm to 6pm, with free entry in shifts, the conservative restoration site of Palazzo Brunner, a historic building dating back probably to the 17th century, in whose internal courtyard there is also the "ex folador" building.

Finally, appointment at 6 pm in the Council Room of the Municipality of Aquileia, Piazza Garibaldi 7 for the presentation of "The path of San Martino: on the streets of Aquileia", a book written by Marino Del Piccolo which tells the stages of the Path of San Martino in Friuli , with a premise on the ancient streets of the Aquileia area, and invites us to learn about the surprising figure of the Saint, with some notes on the cultural and religious context of the time.

Saturday 23 September 2023 opens at dawn in what promises to be the most extraordinary meeting of the long weekend in Aquileia. Let's talk about the Autumn Equinox in the Basilica, a visit with thematic insights into the mosaics of the Basilica illuminated by the first rays of the equinox sun. For mystics, "daytime" and courageous: appointment at 6.15 in the morning.

For the little ones, September 23rd is a day full of ideas and initiatives starting with the Theatrical Walks for Children organized by Aquileia Lab of the Aquileia Foundation in collaboration with Radio Magica which proposes an original dialogue in the archaeological area of the Roman Forum with a character from past who made the memory of the city of Aquileia eternal: Titus Annius Luscus. Reservation required on 375 6562461 - Age range: 4-8 years (accompanied by an adult). Hours: in the morning from 9 to 10 and in the afternoon from 4.30 to 5.30. Meeting point: 15 minutes before the start in Piazza Capitolina (under the statue of the Capitoline Wolf). For the next age group, 9-13 years, the visit will take place in the same way (except that the presence of an accompanying adult is not essential) in the morning from 10.30 to 11.30 and in the afternoon from 6 to 7.

Visits with the Archaeologist to the excavation sites will be possible on Saturday 23 September 2023, in two time slots: 10am - 1pm and 3.30pm - 6pm. The meeting includes a complete exploration of the Aquileian archaeological site touching on the most relevant areas: Forum, Decumanus and zigzag walls, Great Baths, Theatre, River Port, Eastern bank of the river port, Domus of the Dancing Putti, Ancient Markets (Fondo Pasqualis), Domus (Fondo Cal) and Sepolcreto.

Speaking of 'experimental archaeology', on both Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2023 it will be possible to discover the Roman Glass Forum at Fondi Pasqualis - in two slots, with free entry without reservation, in the morning from 10am to 1pm and in the afternoon from 3pm to 7pm. The occasion will allow you to get to know closely the processing of glass with ancient techniques by master glassmakers from Murano, using the replica of a Roman glass furnace powered exclusively by wood.

The guided tour of the Domus of Tito Macro will take place on both Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2023 at 3 pm. The ancient Roman metropolis reveals one of its most evocative places: the Domus of Tito Macro, one of the largest residences from the Roman era between those discovered in Northern Italy. The visit continues on an exciting journey back in time to the Domus and Episcopal Palace. The experience requires the payment of a ticket of €15 for the guided tour to which another €5 must be added for entry to the Domus and Palazzo Episcopale and €5 for entry to the Domus of Tito Macro. Reservations are mandatory at the Aquileia PromoturismoFVG InfoPoint, on the phone 0431 919491 or by email to

Finally, last but not least, the theme of music with two concerts. The first which will take place at 6pm on Saturday 23 September 2023 at the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia and entitled Promenade sentimentale: a bridge between two eras performed on the piano by the Friulian soloist Alessandro Del Gobbo, opened by the Piccolo Coro Natissa directed by Maestro Patrizia Dri. The second is a violin concert by the musician, composer, experimenter and artistic innovator Pierpaolo Foti which will take place in Piazza Chapter at 8.30 pm.

The program is completed with some other events including other guided tours and the extraordinary opening of the National Archaeological Museum until 10pm on Saturday 23 September 2023. For details of all the events, specifics on reservations and practical information and the complete program we recommend visiting the website .