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New guided tours from March 16th in the Friulian city

Among the treasures of Aquileia. Guided tours of the UNESCO heritage pearl start again

Samantha De Martin - 12/03/2024
An evocative walk through the history of Aquileia, to discover the secrets and splendors of the city which, at the time of the Roman Empire, was a strategic point for trade with the Danube countries and the East, leading from the Roman Forum to the immense Patriarchal Basilica. It is one of the excursions that will begin in mid-March, dedicated to anyone who wishes to be accompanied by expert guides to discover the area, and which will enrich the extensive calendar of visits to the UNESCO heritage city. It begins on March 16th (until January 5th 2025) with the itinerary "Travel with us through the history of Aquileia" which will guide participants among the illuminated archaeological excavations and along the Roman decumanus (free guided tour for children under 12 years old with paying adult and for holders of FVGcardAquileia and FVGcard).

Domus and Palazzo Episcopale, Aquileia | Photo: © Gianluca Baronchelli

We continue, from 17 March to 1 January 2025, with "Welcome to the Roman Domus of Aquileia". The guided itinerary between the homes of the Cal Fund, the Domus of Tito Macro, the Domus and the Episcopal Palace and the visit to three archaeological areas and the ancient residential neighborhoods will allow you to imagine how the citizens of Aquileia lived inside their homes, what furniture they chose to furnish them and how domestic life was carried out (free for children under 12 and for adults with FVGcard and with FVGcardAquileia).

Starting from 18 October 2024, a walking tour with audio guide will be added to the guided tours. Until 14 February 2025 the itinerary "Aquileia, the treasures of an ancient Roman metropolis. Walking tour with audio guide” will propose a walk with an audio guide in complete freedom. Enthusiasts will be able to take all the time to explore the archaeological park, one of the most important sites in Italy, reliving the magnificence of the Roman forum and the ancient river port, enter the Patriarchal Basilica to contemplate the largest mosaic floor in Europe and finally, in the National Archaeological Museum (the most important in Northern Italy) to be enchanted by sculptures, jewellery, precious gems and glass objects, precious testimonies of the commercial power of the ancient city.

The National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia | Courtesy of Fondazione Aquileia

Nine listening points will allow you to focus on the most evocative stages. The route, available in Italian, English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, is accessible to people with motor disabilities. However, we recommend the presence of a companion for any differences in height that may arise along the itinerary.